Dear Mr. Terrorist…


Dear Mr. Terrorist.

I have no idea why you are doing what ur doing. Or how your conscience allows you to sleep every night. Or whether you have been brainwashed into thinking this will take you closer to God. (And if that is the case, I suggest for once you question the people who have told you this as to who told them… and them…)

Are you doing this for money… or is there a larger conspiracy behind this.

What is it that you might be gaining from this activity?.. Or what exactly is you’re agenda .. Don’t you think there are far better things to put your mind onto. Go on a holiday, climb a mountain and come back down, go for a swim, try to woo a pretty girl, paint, build a house, buy someone a gift, pro-create… you will get only one chance to live all this.. and so will that person in-front of you..  and incase you have decided to find my ideas useless, atleast allow that person in-front of you to lead his own life and decide for himself.

Or are you doing this because someone wronged you sometime, and now you want to create this loop where you will wrong everyone else. You hate that person, dont you. And you still want to be just like him.

If you want to see fear in the eyes of us, and stop us from happily going to the market and places of our interest, then tell us how u think you are going to win.. do you want to see us terrorized.. Well then ok, yes we are terrorized…does fear in someone’s eyes excite your buds.. does that satisfy your agenda. And if there is anything else we may as well do that. If you want me to say sorry to you, I’ll do that. I don’t know for what and why, but if it’s an ego issue, I have no issues in letting you win.

Coz it’s not an ego issue for me. I rather see my loved ones and people around me happy and free and chirpy.

Look at your most loved one eye to eye, and ask yourself, do you really think this is a work for God. You may get an answer if you really want one.


All of us, waiting for you to figure out.


Story of Association.


Our Story of Association…..

A friend’s bin peppering me with some brilliant psychology related articles and videos of late. it got me inspired and thinking.. And before I happen to read on this topic, I thought i’d write myself. my selfish gene…


There’s definitely more to social networking sites than just getting in touch with people, being voyeuristic, playing games or sharing pictures. It’s slowly becoming our identity to the world. Our Story-book of Association.

And this is what made me wonder..

Let a match get over and there’s mayhem on face-book. Soccer, F1, Cricket, Olympics, Tennis, Movies.. Almost identical status messages from the every one… “Go Vettel”, “Federer u champ”, “God is Batting”, , and it just goes on. BAHH.. and the same thing extends to politics, ANNA, modi.. basically everything that anyways makes front page news.

Everyone reads the newspaper, and everybody knows that everyone reads the newspaper..makes me wonder why does everyone love to shout the same thing then…it’s just plain stupid… how we all love announcing useless meaningless information which 1. most already know it. 2. most don’t care about..3. 100 people have already announced.

But, is this our story of association… well..

So when Andy Roddick retired earlier this week, I knew everyone knew. I still shouted out loud on social networks , everybody must know that this is my fav tennis player, and im loyal enough to support him through thick and thin, over the years. i knew it.. but others might not right..

Now, We all love to tell the world the qualities we would want to be associated with. (not necc. that we do ‘actually’ associate with them or not.. its only about making the world believe what we “hope” to project of ourselves.)

But why, is the question……

The Impression management theory says we are always thinking about how we appear to others, even when there are no others around.

Also, the Anxiety over being ostracized, over being an outsider has driven the behavior of billions for millions of years. Maybe by posting random nothings, we want our society to know, we exist. Put ourselves, even if momentarily, into the thoughts of everyone.

But more importantly,

When we become a member of a group, or the fan of a genre, or the user of a product – those things have more influence on our attitudes than our attitudes have on them, but why?

The Benjamin Franklin effect fundamentally states — if we like a person, We end up liking his qualities ,.. rather than liking a person for his qualities…

similarly if we dislike a person, we end up disliking the things he stands for,… rather than dislike a person for his qualities…

Let’s look inside…We all love ourselves.. Talk to an introvert and he’s likely to defend being an introvert strongly. Same with extroverts. And sportsmen, and writers and musicians…

Maybe that’s true with our social feeds as well then… Maybe the qualities of our “heroes”, become the qualities we want to be associated with… so if 10yrs back in college, we had supported some team (even if most casually then), we now have to continue doing it for the rest of our life… if it no longer carries the values it did then, then we’l change our own values to suit the new culture… the person is paramount, not the qualties…

(talk to a soccer fan.. he will continue supporting HIS team, even if it no longer represents the qualties he began liking it when he began… Thats what maybe gives him his identity)

And coupled with the impression management theory We want to shout these out loud… Tell the world to appreciate us the same way that they do to the champions…

this maybe our Story of Association.…

And maybe that’s why I post all of these  online and she doesn’t. Maybe this is my story of association…

Sidharth Sarda

8th sept 2012

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” – Kurt Vonnegut