10 things I don’t understand



  1. What the hell is going on in a girl’s shower. The amount of colored liquids in an average girls loo would be something like 138. (fascination with Barbie-dolls also)
  2. Whether humans are fundamentally  good or fundamentally evil.
  3. Which country would a child belong to if he was born in a no-mans-land Antarctica, and assuming he doesn’t know who his parents are. And no one adopts him. What passport would he hold.
  4. I love Wikipedia. It knows everything. but how? people contribute, fine, but who edits all those articles.
  5. Why do some birds migrate tens of thousands of miles twice a year from one pole to the other. Possibly every climatic condition is available at lesser distance. Horrible decision making yes, but why.
  6. The justice system, and how one human being is allowed to judge and decide what is right and what is wrong for another human being, including sentencing him to death. I understand there is no other option, but it’s not like we are trying to find one either.
  7. Why do we all love an unseen, unknown God so so dearly.
  8. When we can just only move anything from point A to point B, how does that clean our planet.
  9. If the economy grows and people make more profits, then who is loses out. X can only earn if Y spends, then how are we growing.
  10. Why do random such things suddenly start making us icky on a Thursday after-noon.


I am going back to my normal life. till some other thursday and some more things.



2nd feb 2017



3 thoughts on “10 things I don’t understand

  1. piyushsharma7

    Ahh Sid!!…Only 10 😉

    My initial reaction on seeing the questions was to take up the challenge and answer them, but then I realized they were rhetorical. 🙂

    So then, why did I comment?

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