Dear Mr. Terrorist…


Dear Mr. Terrorist.

I have no idea why you are doing what ur doing. Or how your conscience allows you to sleep every night. Or whether you have been brainwashed into thinking this will take you closer to God. (And if that is the case, I suggest for once you question the people who have told you this as to who told them… and them…)

Are you doing this for money… or is there a larger conspiracy behind this.

What is it that you might be gaining from this activity?.. Or what exactly is you’re agenda .. Don’t you think there are far better things to put your mind onto. Go on a holiday, climb a mountain and come back down, go for a swim, try to woo a pretty girl, paint, build a house, buy someone a gift, pro-create… you will get only one chance to live all this.. and so will that person in-front of you..  and incase you have decided to find my ideas useless, atleast allow that person in-front of you to lead his own life and decide for himself.

Or are you doing this because someone wronged you sometime, and now you want to create this loop where you will wrong everyone else. You hate that person, dont you. And you still want to be just like him.

If you want to see fear in the eyes of us, and stop us from happily going to the market and places of our interest, then tell us how u think you are going to win.. do you want to see us terrorized.. Well then ok, yes we are terrorized…does fear in someone’s eyes excite your buds.. does that satisfy your agenda. And if there is anything else we may as well do that. If you want me to say sorry to you, I’ll do that. I don’t know for what and why, but if it’s an ego issue, I have no issues in letting you win.

Coz it’s not an ego issue for me. I rather see my loved ones and people around me happy and free and chirpy.

Look at your most loved one eye to eye, and ask yourself, do you really think this is a work for God. You may get an answer if you really want one.


All of us, waiting for you to figure out.


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