An old school friend called me about a fortnight ago. The eyes lit up, it meant 20 minutes of fun. Catching up, talking of the good old times, ribbing each other etc.

The summers in India can be killing. esp. the part of India where I spend most of my time in.

What began as a regular “when u have nothing to do – u call your friends” call slowly turned to us bitching about the heat. This cloud had no silver lining. Oh fuck, there were no clouds. All the clouds were in Simla.

I was excited because it gave me a break from my mundane routine. The last holiday I had taken was in November. And the summers were actually becoming unbearable. In between, I had broken my leg, which dint much help the crankiness brewing inside.

Its not like I haven’t bin to simla before.  I have been hundreds of times. And its not like I did things which I haven’t done before. But for some reason, this one finally made me like the city. a little more than like, actually.

My take-aways from the last few days in the queen of hills.

  1. If you are stuck in a traffic-jam, pretend you are not. You are only sitting in the car because you find the seat comfortable. Or you like your music. And there’s nothing better in life than liking your own music.
  2. In shimla, the car parking charges can be very random. But don’t judge those people. It’s worth more than gold. So they’r going to milk you. And they have that right.
  3. Be a good host. That makes a lot of difference to everything. The transition from having a good time to having a great time.
  4. Next, try becoming friends with people who are good hosts. Chances are, they would be good people.
  5. Drive slow, even if people ask you to drive fast. Theyr stupid.
  6. Pahadi’s can talk really random things. You may not understand, you may not agree, but its fun to listen. And can leave you confused.
  7. In the hills, walk as much as you can.Then sit for a drink. Repeat.                                                    Image
  8. Keep your eyes and heart open. You’ll find a butterfly somewhere.                                Image
  9. Simla is a very safe city. you can walk at 3am alone and not be scared. 🙂 But then there are the ghost stories. seems, u don’t get raped here. You just get possessed.
  10. Don’t tell a local-ite you love Delhi. Don’t. The two cities don’t get along too well. Unless you want a purpose-of-life debate. Which you will lose.
  11. You are bound to get that “what-is-life-all-about” when ur    walking. Soak in that moment. They usually dont come in cities on the plains.
  12. When you smoke up, keep reminding yourself to talk less. (even when you don’t smoke up)
  13. Strange people can be found everywhere. One of them did this in the middle of the night. (picture below)                                                                                                                                      Why, When, How. We have no answers.


There are times when you see the same thing in a new way. And that’s when you feel, you’ve grown a little.

Sidharth: june ’14


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