I just read an interview of Michael Kaku recently. The co-founder of the string theory. He spoke about life. About how we should become a two planet species. He thinks Life is too precious to place on a single planet.


Considering it was an option, say tomorrow, how would we want to re-start civilization there? Good food for thought. Here are some of my suggestions.


I say lets do away with currency. To hell with economics as we know it. Acts of kindness should be the mode of barter system. So consider that you wanted to go buy vegetables. You would get them for free from the farmer. The farmer would get kindness points, which he could use somewhere else. Kindness points would also be rewarded for other random acts. Say helping an old man cross the road. Or for the manual labour required to build that road.  A perfect, uncorrupt machine could take care of the calculations.

Quite a theory I think, we could build on this.


We rather learn from our mistakes. We would need clean, unpolluting and renewable sources of energy. Just 100 or so years of our current energy technologies have ruined earth, almost to a point of no-return.

I read of the running theory somewhere.

The Green Wheel concept would put huge human-size hamster wheels in scenic locations and invite the public to climb in and take a jog for the good of their community. The wheel generates energy as it turns, which is then passed on to streetlights, stoplights and other public electricity-grubbers. Everyone would benefit from a setup like this: runners would still get their exercise. (and kindness points)

Multiple other concepts. Polluting sources be banned.


No states, no countries. Simple one planet. It removes most reasons of conflict. Hopefully we are all advanced. Not in weaponry, not in technology. In the head. In our perfect world everyone is peaceful, civilized and good intention-ed.  there would be no use for law enforcement. One step forward then, there should be no government. (even now I sometimes find it bugging, thinking that someone needs to govern me)


Opium of the masses. Banned. (who bans them, we don’t have a government !!)


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